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SterileCo. brings continuous innovation and leading-edge solutions to the evolving needs for a broad spectrum of industries. Our services range from virus disinfecting , biohazard clean-up, to IT Services. Sterileco. also has a strong expertise across a wide range of Security management solutions and innovative technologies.

We have been trusted to deliver five star services for a wide range of Federal Agencies and business. They include national public transport providers, postal delivery companies, manufacturers, healthcare providers, schools and colleges, residential care providers and retailers.

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Headquarters in Indianapolis, SterileCo has satelite offices. in all 50 states. Fast quality service on a nationwide scale!


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                                                                  “The New Norm”

The coronavirus pandemic has exerted enormous pressure on American society and forced a host of changes to how we live and work. But those pressures have ebbed and flowed with the outbreak’s progress. When it all recedes in the likely not-too-distant future, experts expect older, more familiar ways of doing things to return, undoing some of the changes we’ve seen since March.

Many experts say some of our adaptations have accelerated already existing trends, like the development of a cashless society, the increase in remote work, and the decline of brick-and-mortar retail. And, they expect, some of these will become a more permanent part of the post-pandemic’s “new normal.” READ MORE

By: Brian Shafer (February 10th 2022) 

Client Feedback

Dont go anywhere else. Spent a lot of money with other companies and a year later the problem was worse than the first time they treated. SterileCo. delivered an exceptional service.
David Garrett
Aaron was our tech and he was on time, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that has a business and are looking to restore confidence in air quality of your workplace
Mila Kunis
Business Owner
I love working with Brian and his company because they know how to deliver. Never had any issues with project completion dates. Highly professional crew.
Mike Sendler
Business Owner

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