Pest Management

Pest Control at a 5 Star Level.

No matter where you are or who your are, ants, bed bugs spiders and other pests will come for you! No we are just kidding. sort of will….but no worries because we have you covered. Wether if it’s your home being eaten up, or you waking up to bug bites, we have the tools to eradicate any situation.  

We Have You Covered

SterileCo offers industry-leading technology with a  decades of experience dealing with all different types of pests. We tackle termites and bed bugs along with other pest that unknowingly can cause havoc on you home or structure.

General Pest Control

Under its general pest control plan, SterileCo protects your home from 15 to 20 common household pests. The general pest control plan is performed quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on where you live.